About me...


My voice has been described as confident, friendly and articulate; honest and believable with a natural tone best suited to commercials, corporate narration, e-learning and  explainer videos. I also really enjoy IVR/on-hold telephony (and secretly aspire to become a Sat Nav voice!)

I've been lucky enough to receive (incredibly generous) help and advice from many established pros in voiceover- I have received coaching from the amazing character actor, Dian Perry; attended brilliant workshops and training as a member of the Voice Over Network and VOKickstart; and recorded my demos with the excellent production company, The Showreel!
I can currently be heard as the voice of Turas Accountants in Telford and, as I continue and aspire further, I hope to one day voice characters in video games, giving back to the industry I've loved most dearly since I was a child, playing on the NES in my family living room...
Aspirations and Hobbies
I have a great deal of interests which keep me busy alongside my career in voiceover.
I enjoy writing and have been working on a fantasy novel that I hope one day may see the light of day (there's another for the bucket list!) inspired by Tolkien, CS Lewis, and an array of fantasy books, video games and movies.
And, whilst on that note, I absolutely love videogames - the medium continues to astound me in every leap. Titles such as The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Ni No Kuni, Journey, Resident Evil, The Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn are some of my highlights amongst the countless mesmerising experiences out there, too plentiful to list.
I dabble in videogame trading, am learning Japanese (learning a language is new for me, so slow and steady wins the race!), have dipped my toe into 3D modelling, I play an array of instruments to a middling degree (my most honed skill being on the drum kit) and can solve a Rubik's Cube!
Add to that a love for movies, music, graphic novels, food, coffee, travel and surely-other-things-that-haven't-quite-come-to-me-on-this-occasion, and you may begin to get an idea of who I am!
Life, etc.
I've moved around a lot in life!
I was born in Dublin, Ireland to Irish parents but moved to England before my second birthday (so no accent, sadly!). In early life, I lived in both the east and west of England, before moving to study in beautiful North Wales (pictured).
During my time in Wales, I had the opportunity to teach in America, which in turn led to me teaching in Hong Kong, travelling to Japan (which I absolutely fell in love with) amongst other places, and then moving back to America where I then met my wife! 
After moving back to the UK, we both trained to become teachers and settled  in humble Romford, just outside of London, where the future now opens up before us.
Here's to it!

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Romford, UK